Thursday, September 30, 2010

Random Photo of the Day - 9.30.2010

A little grape amidst bigger ones. I didn't eat that one because I felt bad for it. 

Animal of the Day 9.30.2010

A gorilla at the Fort Worth Zoo. Although I hate zoos, I could literally spend an entire day in the primate exhibit. How can you not be amazed at these animals? The little "island" this gorilla is on leads to an exterior part of the inclosure where there is a waterfall, things for the gorillas to play with, and plenty of grass. Inside, where this picture was taken, there are thick glass dividers that you can look through on either end (onto the exterior). Every time I've been (only twice) there is always an enormous silverback hanging out by the glass wall. To be that close to an animal like that can be humbling. To see how many similarities we share is so odd. And to have a giant silverback stare into your eyes can be intimidating as hell, but still make your draw drop in amazement. 

This gorilla was pooping into it's right hand. Seconds later the poop was eaten. This, I wasn't so amazed with. 

The big guy looking at me. 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Random Photo of the Day - 9.29.2010

My first attempt at eggies in a basket. 

Kidney Stone # 18

What you see in my hand in the above picture is a kidney stone I passed a couple of years ago. Actually, it's only half of the kidney stone. And this, my friends, was kidney stone #18 for me (out of 20+). 

This one in particular was so large it required two procedures to finally get it out. The first one was a procedure called lithotripsy. This is where shockwaves get sent through your body to try to break the kidney stone in pieces, allowing you to easily pass it. Unfortunately the kidney stone was too large to be broken down by the lithotripsy. So the next procedure required my urologist to go through my urethra, pass my kidney, and up my ureter with a scope and meet the little bastard one on one with a freakin' laser beam. 

If you've ever had a kidney stone you know how bad it hurts. My very first kidney stone became symptomatic while I was taking a shower. The pain hit me seemingly out of nowhere. It felt like someone was starting a fire inside me towards the back of my body. I didn't know what to do. I curled up in a little ball on the shower floor and actually started crying a bit. The pain subsided after a few hours and I was able to sleep. The next day I went to the hospital where I was told I had an infection (which obviously wasn't the case). Coincidentally that night every single person in the ER with me (about 4 if I remember correctly) were ALL their for kidney stones. Weird, huh? The pain never came back after that, at least for another month. Then on Thanksgiving (the day before, actually) the pain came back even stronger than before. I went back to the hospital, where all they could do was load me up on painkillers and send me back home. That kidney stone stayed in me for a few more weeks until I finally passed it. 

Fast forward 17 more kidney stones and you get to the one you see below (and above), number 18.

This one was by far the worst kidney stone I've ever faced (or kidney'd - haha!). It was so large that it couldn't be removed by flushing my system with tons of fluids (like numbers 19, 20, and a few before that) or with lithotripsy. So like I said, it had to be removed via laser. The procedure itself wasn't so bad. I was put under, the doctor then used a scope inserted through my urethra to find the stone and then broke it down with the laser. In order to have all the parts of the stone exit my system (by helping the urine flow freely) he had to put a stent in my ureter. Below are pictures of my stent as well as a diagram of how the stent is placed. 

This was the absolute worst part of this entire procedure. I had to leave the stent in for at least two weeks to ensure that most of the big parts of the kidney stone were out of my ureter. Notice the black string at the end of the stent? This is how it is removed later on when I'm done with it, basically a handle for the whole thing. A bit of the end of the string was left hanging out of my penis and taped back up onto my penis (to keep it out of the way in case it gets caught in clothing or something). It was very uncomfortable for a few days, I was dying to get it out. But after those few days were over my body got used to the odd sensation and the only thing that was bothering me about it was the fact I had a string hanging out of my penis. 

Here comes the good part. 

So finally the day came where I was going to get it removed. I wasn't looking forward to it as I knew the way the doctor had to remove it was literally just pulling it out with a nice and steady tug. I got home from school that morning and decided to take another shower before heading over to my urologist and exposing myself to him so he can yank this thing out of my penis. I take my shower and hop out and start drying myself off. Remember how I said this string was taped back up onto my penis? Well, during my shower it got a bit wet so I decided to change the tape. I carefully remove the wet tape, with the string still attached, while I get a new piece of tape ready. Unfortunately I set the old piece of tape, with string still attached, down on my towel. Before getting a new piece of tape I wanted to dry my hands.....on my towel. As I picked up my towel it also picks up the tape (which was stuck to it) and I yank the entire stent out about two inches. The sensation and pain I felt cannot be described here. At this point I knew I had to yank the rest of this thing out by myself. For some weird reason I ran into my room and put my trashcan underneath me (don't know why I didn't just stay in the bathroom). I took a deep breath and wrapped the string around two fingers and pulled hard but steadily towards the trash can. The rest of the string with the stent fully attached came right out! It was finally over. I pulled this monstrosity out of my own ureter/kidney/penis. I was proud. 

I still went to my doctor an hour later with the stent in a little plastic bag. He laughed and said I could keep it as a souvenir, which I did. Over the next couple of weeks I passed small pieces of the stone (sorry, no pictures of that) and finally I passed the giant half of it (which is what you see in the pictures in this post). When it was all out of my system I put all the pieces next to each other to try to imagine how big this thing was before it was broken down by the laser. It was scarily large. 

I've had several tests done from blood work, actual analyses of my kidney stones, my urine, etc to try to figure out why I was producing so many kidney stones. Some people even thought my vegetarian diet was the cause of it. But after my last series of tests (done by the leading researchers of kidney stones here in the States) there was only confusion and bafflement. The tests showed that I had a perfect diet, all of my vitals, vitamin levels, chemical levels, etc were picture perfect. No one ever figured it out. Luckily I haven't had a kidney stone in quite some time. And the last two I had weren't even noticeable. The only thing I learned from all of this is to drink lots of water, which I still do to this day. 

Animal (Apology) of the Day - 9.29.2010

A Dachshund that was following me around. This was the other dog living in the same house as the Poodle from yesterday. I've never honestly been a fan of dachshunds. I think it was because my grandmother had two of them when I was younger, they weren't very nice. One of them ended up dying from choking on a tennis ball. The other had to be put down after jumping down from a couch and breaking it's spine. Very sad :(

On a side note, I apologize to anyone whose blog I haven't made it around to to support over the past day or two. Things have been very stressful the past few days (actually months, it's just now building up) and I find it hard to even turn on my computer let alone do anything other than stare at the screen for a while. So I apologize, I'll be making my rounds to support everyone throughout the day to get back on track. And if you are following this blog, be sure your blog link is available in your profile so I can follow you as well. I'd like to see what you guys are up to, too!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Random Photo of the Day - 9.28.2010

Some wall lighting in Hotel QT (currently Room Mate Grace) in New York. It's actually very cool little boutique hotel. I'll have some more randoms shots of it in the future. Not a very interesting photo, but it is random. 

I'll make a more substantial post tomorrow or later today when I have a bit more energy. 100 followers now, which is cool. I appreciate all of you clicking the Follow button. For all I know you had a bobo on your finger that you click with and it may have made it worse which in turn made you angry at me even though you don't know me. Sorry if that's the case! 

Animal of the Day - 9.28.2010

A Standard Poodle I met while walking around a very beautiful estate in Upstate New York (cannot remember the name of it for anything right now). 

Another pose.

 Shy, but sharing the scene. 

Sunday, September 26, 2010

One of the Best Music Videos of ALL TIME

You don't have to be a fan of OK Go to like this. You don't even have to like the song (even though I think it's actually a pretty good song). You just can't say that this video isn't awesome. 
This video, for the song White Knuckles, was completed in one take - the 72nd take - of 124 takes. 
You can read all about it in an article from Gizmodo.

Random Photo of the Day - 9.26.2010

The food poisoning is complimentary. Taken in Palma.

Animal of the Day - 9.26.2010

An orangutan at the Fort Worth Zoo. This was shortly before some douche decided to start throwing shit in the living area of the orangutans (a map of the zoo, popcorn, etc). A few people started laughing but then the crowd got angry as they realized you shouldn't screw with the animals like that. It may be fun to watch them interact with things, but not like that. 

Orangutan trivia: They are the world's larger tree-dwelling animal. 

Friday, September 24, 2010

Random Photo of the Day - 9.24.2010

Sticking with the Nutella theme today, a Nutella crepe from Payard's P√Ętisserie & Bistro located in Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas. 

Nutella Pie

This is a slice of a Nutella pie I made a while back. The cut wasn't that clean and it doesn't look great, but I wasn't presenting it to the judges on Top Chef. I wanted to eat it. Next time I would cut back on some of the cream cheese, it was a bit too much, and add more Nutella (can you ever have enough of that stuff?). I also didn't have any chopped hazelnuts so I just used more chocolate chips (I'm glad I did). I used an Oreo pre-made crust.

Recipe after the jump.

Animal of the Day - 9.24.2010

A young dragonfly I rescued from my pool. 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Don't Overuse Your Toothbrush

First off, this toothbrush isn't overused. This is a picture of a toothbrush I had that had a stray bristle that gave me hell. It took me a while to figure out the pain in certain parts of my gum were caused by this little bastard. I replaced mine shortly after realizing this.

If you're using regular toothbrushes don't forget to change them out after a few months (this applies to interchangeable heads, too). Don't think that because the bristles are all over the place that you're brushing more of your teeth in a less amount of time. You can harm your gums and can ineffectively clean your teeth (you can actually make them dirtier). It's also a good idea to change your toothbrush after suffering from an illness (flu, cold, etc). 

This will probably be the most boring post on this blog. I just wanted an excuse to post this picture. 

Random Photo of the Day - 9.23.2010

Homeless person in Italy (can't remember where exactly). Does anyone know what the sign says?

Animal of the Day - 9.23.10

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Greatest Movie (Documentary) - EVER

The greatest movie I have ever seen. And I have seen a lot of movies. I'm not some self-proclaimed movie buff who has seen all the trendy and "unknown" trendy movies over the past five years. I'm a self-proclaimed movie buff who has been into film for decades. So when I say this is my favorite movie, I don't say it lightly.

LOTRO Annoys Me

See that pimp right there? Oh, sorry. See that silly looking champion right there hanging out with a squirrel? That's me.

Random Photo of the Day - 9.22.2010

One evening in Texas.

Animal of the Day - 9.22.2010

A "pet" frog that lived outside. 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Red Dead Obsession

Been playing this game like it's going out of existence soon. I only started playing it a couple of months ago (had a free rental coupon at Blockbuster). I rarely get this heavily involved into a game. Sometimes I'll get deep into it then get very, very tired of it (most recently GTA IV). But not this one.

I've recently arrived in Blackwater and know the game will end in about 15 more missions. So I've been limiting myself to a mission a day, if that. I'll spend a while just riding around waiting for someone to need some help or challenge me to a duel or see if I can dodge a rattlesnake bite.

I do not want this game to end.

Random Photo of the Day - 9.21.10

 "The Death of My Childhood Imagination."

Wallpaper of the Week

Animal of the Day - 9.21.10

A Frenchie I met on the streets of Florence.