Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Red Dead Obsession

Been playing this game like it's going out of existence soon. I only started playing it a couple of months ago (had a free rental coupon at Blockbuster). I rarely get this heavily involved into a game. Sometimes I'll get deep into it then get very, very tired of it (most recently GTA IV). But not this one.

I've recently arrived in Blackwater and know the game will end in about 15 more missions. So I've been limiting myself to a mission a day, if that. I'll spend a while just riding around waiting for someone to need some help or challenge me to a duel or see if I can dodge a rattlesnake bite.

I do not want this game to end.


  1. Yeah, RDR was an awesome experience, loved every minute of it.

  2. Don't even start me on this game, it was one of the best gaming experiences this industry could offer in a few latest years. Pure love.