Saturday, October 2, 2010

Animal of the Day (Night) - 10.02.2010

Had a busy day today so I'm having to post this much later than I would have liked to. Because of that I'm just posting a dragonfly that I saw outside one night. Nothing special about it. Also because of having a busy day I wasn't able to do all of my usual visits to everyone else's blogs. I apologize for that. Things will get back to normal again on Monday. Hope everyone is having a good weekend. 


  1. oh lord that would freak me out if it was in my room.

  2. what an awesome picture! As much as I hate bugs, I love taking close up pictures of them.

  3. It's alright to take a break man...
    P.S. - that bug looks dead. :/
    Sleep well.

  4. Would you get angry at me if I said that if i found that in my room, I'd shoot it with my BB gun?

  5. Oh no worries mate I feel so guilty for leaving for a day as well ;) But RL calls, we all understand that. The dragonfly is gorgeous, and prompted me to google more of the gorgeous creatures.

    You know, it amazes me that me and you sync so well. I'm a meat eating sniper, with a penchant for womanizing and revolution. I mean... Do you think this would have happened in real life?

    I'm just really glad I started blogging, and got to meet so many great people that I now call my friends. Thanks for the update and comments, Veggie, always following...