Monday, October 25, 2010

Random Photo of the Day - 10.25.2010

This is one of the pieces of decor in the building of the wedding reception I was at this past Saturday. Stay classy raccoon asshole. 

In other news I'm still sick as hell. My wrist is also effed up. I woke up one morning last week and it was hurting, mainly when I bend it backwards. Now I can't even bend it back a few degrees. Any of you doctors know wtf is wrong with me? Am I dying?


  1. Haha, very funny. I love it when people get tattoos like this

  2. Funny raccoon asshole pic. Also, I hope your wrist gets better bro.

  3. I Messed my wrist saturday... way too drunk!
    Thanks for the post bud ;D
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  4. Uhhhh, Im no doctor but maybe you have carpel tunnel, or you probably just slept on it or somethin, good luck with it though!

  5. Hahaha. Insert wrist-damage-masturbation-joke here.

    Sprinkle with radcoon-asshole joke? Serve chilled.

  6. If I was a doctor, my first question would be whether your wrist problem coincided with a nocturnal emission.

    Actually, with all the gout medication commercials airing, it must be gout.

    Is it accompanied by tardic dysconesia? Have you, or someone you know, taken Paxil?

    I got nothing...

    Is that thar coon a replacement for Rudolph?