Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Random Photo of the Day - 10.27.2010

The sun setting in the Texas sky.

In other news, I'm about to go to the doctor with my girlfriend. I was sick last week with a pretty nasty cold and, like almost always, she caught it and she's feeling really bad from it. Feels guilty bro. So I'm going with her for moral support and because we'll get to spend a little extra time together. I know she'll eventually read this, so I'm sorry and I love you!

Also, she told me yesterday I cuss a lot on my blog (which I don't). Maybe she was just hinting that she wants to see more curse words. So, feel free to help me out in the comments section by putting your favorite expletive somewhere in your normal comment. I'm sure it will speed up her recovery!


  1. Blood dripping frozen tampon Barbara Streisand Popsicle.

    Oh and I don't like that picture very much, the lamp post kills it

  2. Gross Carl. The sunset here in Austin last night was amazing. MUCH MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN THAT.

  3. kind of depressing in a good way

  4. Well, fuck me running, that's a fucking good photo right there.


    I love the sunsets of the Gulf Coast.

  5. The Texas sky is such a beautiful sight...keep them coming!

  6. Oh yeah? What about the vapor trail made out of government-funded herpes gas?

    Sorry A-Veg, you have a big stream of white STD going across your sunset.