Friday, November 5, 2010

A Few Things...

I'll be fairly busy today as I'm babysitting starting this afternoon until late this night. So instead of posting the normal stuff I'm just going to leave this here...

First off, I need some help. I have an mkv file which I want to save on my PS3 to be able to watch as I please. Unfortunately the PS3 doesn't support mkv. I know I can stream the file and it would be converted through the program I'm streaming it through, but I hate streaming media to my PS3. It lags, and as I said I want it to be saved to the hard drive. When I get mkv files I usually use the mkv2vob software to easily convert the file which I can then view on my PS3. However, when I try to convert this particular mkv file I get an "unsupported audio codec error." I've tried a few other programs (from the suggestions of people on different forums) but they drastically reduce the picture quality (it's HD/720p quality). If anyone knows how I can convert this file to a playable format for my PS3 without losing any of the quality I would greatly appreciate it. And because I don't know much about things like this (at least in this situation), I'm sure the following info of the file would be appreciated:
Audio Codec: MPEG-1 Audio layer 2
Channels: 2
Bitrate: 256 Kbps
Sample Rate: 48000
Audio Size: 144.40 MB
Screen Resolution: 1280 x 720
Video Codec: AVC
Bitrate: 11.8 Mbps
FPS: 25.000
Duration: 1:18:51
Total Frames: 118291
Video Size: 6,499.26 MB
File Size: 6,778.52   

Second, I'd like to share another blog with you. It is a newborn, still opening its eyes to the world that is so bright. Like a niece or nephew, you can see it will grow into something wonderful. Like a wise and crazy old person, you'll play the role of the cool aunt or uncle, slowly influencing the growth of it and watching it mature into something you're a bit proud of, maybe a bit afraid of. The blog, Empty Giant, will expose you to all different sorts of stories, wonderful photography, and all the good weirdness we've come to love from the internet and the children of it. So please, welcome it from the womb. 

Third, I'm currently in the process of making A Vegetarian Mind a bit more appealing to the eyes. Possibly just my eyes, but it's a process I'm working on nonetheless. I'll start slowly, maybe with a new banner or minor layout changes. Nothing too drastic at first. I'm just growing tired of the look and feel of this place. I'm also so rusty with html it's not even funny. I've forgotten so much of my old html skills that they're basically non-existant now. So if anyone has any tips, tricks, suggestions, sites I can use - please do not hesitate to let me know. 

And finally, I must leave you with something. Did you really think I'd just have a bunch of stupid words for you all? But hey, it's good for you anyway. What's the word to picture ratio of this place anyway? I'm spoiling you. I'll leave you with this video I took while in Palma, Majorca. I was sitting with some friends eating lunch when I heard the oh-so-familiar-and-lovely sound of the didgeridoo. It's an acquired taste, but to me it tastes so good (thanks to my brother). I followed the sound to a street performer and sat down to record his wonderful music. When I returned to the states I uploaded the video to YouTube thinking it would just sit there. I didn't mind, since I uploaded it mainly so I could watch it whenever I wanted. Some time later someone commented on the video telling me who it was. Then while trying to contact the performer he actually found the video himself. So, it all worked out. The video became quite popular (in the YouTube didgeridoo world) Quite a neat little story. So, please enjoy my video of Hernan Livolsi. 


  1. Love the Didgeridoo. It's such a wonderfully simple instrument.

  2. Oh man, for the encoding? I use SUPER for all my encode needs but I've never had to do .mkv, and that's on my other computer (the fried one), so I can't check, but that's a best bet.

    As far as revamping the layout, the design tab on the Blogger dashboard worked wonders for me. The Template Designer in particular.

  3. Thanks for the uh...shout out, I guess is what the kids might call it. I just hope I don't turn out to be like the baby from It's Alive, being hunted down through the sewers when all I wanna do is get my chow on.

    Adobe Kuler looks to be pretty good for layout designs. It's user generated color schemes and you can create your own from scratch or base a scheme off of a photo. Pretty neat and free to use online.

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    I also include a bit about why I promote my blog in your blog's comments.

    See you there!

  5. 1st) Of course you need help, you meth addict. I have no PS3. If you have the buckage, try this: Western Digital USB 2.0 WD TV HD Media Player
    See? My help/advice is "Buy some stuff."

    2nd) Hmm, I am suspicious of anything you suggest...

    3rd) Yet another thing I can't help you with! If it can't be done with a page-maker, then I forget about it. My advice: Don't get caught up in the "customization loop."

    What an odd audio backdrop to this post.

  6. Sorry, I don't speak html or Ps3. But I can help you with a blog visit. I'll definitely give it a read.

  7. A waka waka waka waka

    Tried playing one of these a few years ago, it's hard work I can tell you that :)! kudos to that guy :D!

  8. well good luck with all the changes/renovations.

  9. yep im with rorsch here, had it been a 360 problem i may have been able to help address the problem...mkv files can be tricky business especially converting them

    checking out the "empty giant" sounds neat :)

  10. I had this problem too, it really sucks, but listen to their advice

  11. I have the Ps3 hooked up to the Tv, I really want to move my movies into it...

  12. Hah the dij. nice.
    Also, no idea for your movie, sorry :(

  13. That sounds like another level of beatboxing.

  14. Sorry bro, I don't have any ideas to help fix the mkv.

  15. Sorry, I know nothing about this stuff

  16. can't wait until your next post!!

  17. I showed my friends your post and they enjoyed it! Keep them coming!

  18. He is very good on the didgeridoo

  19. I'd love to help but don't have PS3 so I don't know anything about that :P

  20. hmm i do all my video transcoding in linux, but i remember when i was still using windows, a program called Xilisoft video something or another worked very well for converting videos to play on my xbox 360, don't know how well it would work for a ps3 though