Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Random Photo of the Day 11.10.2010

Some plant life.

I rarely play games online. However since getting Red Dead Redemption I was occasionally drawn into it because of how fun the single player campaign was. I'd hop in multiplayer every now and then and get obliterated by higher levels in free road (usually riding by on their mount with a stick of dynamite). Sometimes it would be aggravating, but for the most part it was fun. I enjoyed being a level 4 and being chased by a level 45 with a sniper rifle on a horse. I got some good shots on that guy, even killed his horse. But whatever. Last night I couldn't sleep so I decided to log into multiplayer again. I went into Gang Matches and was teamed up with a couple of people with 4 or 5 other guys. Two of them had headsets, so I could hear them the whole time. Before the match started they were joking in a way I'm used to. Teasing at first, until they get mad by something (usually something that shows them they're not superior to others in some way) and then they really get mad. This is a funny part of a personality when it involves video games. Luckily this guy ended up on the other team. 

Get that faggot! Then find my PS3 controller!
I'll say this now, I suck at multiplayer. I haven't played it long enough to develop any skills, the type of skills that you desperately need in multiplayer (this was only about my 4th time). However, last night, I owned. Maybe the other team was just really crappy, I don't know. But it was fun. They would camp on top of ammo boxes and wait for me or one of my guys to walk by then unload on us. After a couple of deaths I figured I'd just bait them. So I'd get the weapons and ammo I needed then stroll by them without stopping. This caused them to chase after me. Once that started I was able to confuse them and have them all running around for the rest of the match. I ended up killing so many of them it wasn't even funny. After a few kills I started getting called quite the few names. It's even funnier to hear some redneck start talking about me like I diddled his little sister in high school and he just now realized it was me. I got called faggot, faggot, and......hold on I'm trying to remember what else..... He was also apparently mad that I was strategically taking cover when being shot at from five different directions. That got a very funny, "Man that fuckin' faggot is hiding in a corner jackin' off." He was right, by the way. If you hold down L3 then press Square 8 times you will, indeed, start to jack off. He tried rushing up some stairs to catch me mid-jack off and unload a shotgun on me. He got shot in the head while doing so. I'm such a faggot.

This isn't a great story by any means, and if I had a capture card I would be so much better. But alas, I do not. I just had to share one of my first fun online experiences. I know there are tons of weirdos online who freak out about losing, but this is one of my first real encounters where they singled me out. I literally had fun with every aspect of it, including getting killed. Too bad he couldn't. 




  1. God, I hate the ragers on Multiplayer. It's why I pretty much stick with my friends or not play on it at all.

  2. I love the photo of the guy playing N64 that was win!

  3. I lol'd with this post, RDR is cool though

  4. haha great post buddy, haters will hate.

  5. I love red dead redemption. It's one of the few games for the 360 that I actually like. Good post as well, man.

  6. The other night I was playing RDD online. I usually don't play multiplayer too often, but I couldn't sleep, so why not. Me and my friends would camp on some ammo, and this chronic masturbator would fly by every so often, compelling us to chase him to find out how.

    Ok, I was never good at that "reverse" story business.

    How many people do you think are crouching and hammering on square after reading that?

    P.S. - I keep looking at the pic to see if there is something hidden in the flora.

  7. that gives me something to think about

  8. love the lillies, my parents have some in their pond

  9. haha. I had no relevant gaming system (unless N64 & SNES count?!) for YEARS. Got a PS3 for christmas last year and got suckered into Call of Duty MW2. Needless to say I forgot how prone the words "faggot, fucker, pussy" etc are in the gaming world. I lol'd.