Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas


Usually I try to have some pictures that are somewhat related to what's going on (like holidays) but without being too kitsch or banal or painfully thoughtless. Unfortunately I didn't get the chance to do that this week. I could easily walk outside my room right now and take a photo of one of the cats playing with an ornament that is hanging from a beautifully lit tree. But why now?

On our trip into town to see family, my griflriend and I stopped to get something to eat and use the restrooms. When we parked in the parking lot we noticed this worn down and abandoned house about 40 meters away. 

I stare at it intently and say, "I've got to get pictures of this for....."

"For your blog?" my girlfriend interrupted.  

Which was then confronted by my retort, "Yes. My blog. And because it's beautiful.

Which it was. 

So we went in for a snack, used the restrooms, then I went over to this house to take a few pictures. Unfortunately by the time I got there the sunlight was leaving in a hurry so they didn't turn out that well. My instincts started to bring me closer to the house, wanting to find a way in and see what I could discover. Or what could discover me. But alas, we were losing time and had to make it to our destination while already being 2 hours behind. 

But I promised I would return to this house with better lighting and a better camera. It winked at me, then gave a slight nod. 

Merry Christmas, everyone. 


  1. ahhh, that looks like the house the Munsters lived in

  2. This looks like an eerie abandoned house wanting someone to explore it :D. Merry Xmas!

  3. Looks like it was quite a place back in the day.

  4. explore it :) could be a nic ehouse

  5. it will look nice...especially if its x abandoned by the owners...anyway, merry xmas dude!

  6. Your GF sounds a bit jealous of all your blogging time...

  7. I would have responded with, "No, for my other girlfriend that doesn't interrupt my sentences."

    But that's just me.


    Let me get this straight: you saw this house, and then didn't proceed inside because of your safety and lighting concerns? What kind of freak are you?

    If you break an xmas promise...

  9. damn girlfriends, cutting of sentences and what not..
    jk, i think this picture is very surreal when combined with all the images of warm and cozy shit you see during the holidays. good show

  10. Nice find. It would be cool to make a gingerbread version of that house.

  11. Very nice pictures, I like your blog.

  12. I adore abandoned houses. I use to take pictures of them all the time... a long time ago... Maybe I'll start carrying my camera with me some often this year.