Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Animal of the Day - 1.12.2010

I pulled up to this big guy at a stop light. I didn't even notice him at first until I saw a big head pop up next to me and stare. As soon as I took the picture the light turned green. Thanks for the pose, serious dog. 

Thank you for the well-wishes yesterday. This will be day 6 of my stomach virus. Shirley I'll be better soon. 


  1. Cool blog dude, following you wanna check out mine?

  2. I'm usually on the other end of this picture. My shiba is famous for her drive-by-barking.

    I hope you feel better. And don't call me Shirley.

  3. And don't call me....damn ^^^^ he beat me to the joke/reference!

    hope you get better.

  4. "Excuse me, Do you know how to get to the bridge? We're lost."

  5. I wish I was that fast to take out my camera whenever I saw a good opportunity for a photo.

  6. In scenarios like that, I always hope that the driver will turn around and go, "HOLY SHIT, HOW DID THIS DOG GET IN HERE?!?" and then go driving all crazy in to a wall.
    I get bored when I drive.

    For the record, I never wished you well at all. :D