Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I was out of town this past weekend visiting family with my girlfriend. Saturday night when we pulled into the driveway of my parent's house I noticed my girlfriend reading comments posted here by some of you. Normally I don't ever go back to my own posts. That especially holds true when I'm trying something funny in one of them. It's kind of like I'll put a joke out there and then be too afraid to check back to see if anyone gets it. My girlfriend said I was afraid of the rejection of someone not getting one of my jokes or my humor. I guess that's true. 

But what I really felt is that I've neglected some very funny comments or questions (ones that we were both laughing at as we sat in the car reading them) from you all on past posts. So I've decided to go back to every post made this year and reply to or comment on all the ones I neglected. 

Chuck McElroy IV (aka The Liquor Guy) wroteGood lord. I can't believe he ate that many seeds!

My response: This made me laugh.

The Game Store Guy wroteAwwww. He's so cute! Where do you live that you have free-range geckos though?

My response: I live in Texas. Although I rarely see any where I live now, at my parent's house you can see dozens at night depending on the season.

Feden wrote: Where is this? It looks a lot like the gecko's I saw in Australia.

My response: See above response.

SuciĆ“ Sanchez wrote: Ann Coulter's been laying eggs on your property.

My response: This made me laugh quite a bit. 

joe wroteman i didn't see that gecko at first...

My response: When sorting through my photos I almost deleted this, thinking I just took a picture of some bird feed. It wasn't until I actually looked at the original sized image and saw why I took the picture. 

I still have no sense of scale, goddammit. However, due to your provocative photograph arrangement, I do have an erection.

MY BROTHER TOOK OUR GODDAMN LEGOS TO CONNECTICUT FOR HIS NEPHEW so don't mind me if I live vicariously through your signature Lego kits.

You know how in many of your animal entries, I respond with general disdain and an inspiration to cause some minor harm to animals or insects? Well I hope your little tower goes to pieces. :)

My response: I have no response to this. 

due to extensive lego use, I immediatly understood the scale, but your pictures proved useful regardless.

Those are some boss legos, though.

My response: I tried my best. Thank you. And thank you.

Golden Era wrote

Wow, you sure lucked out this year. Want to trade me for the pair of scissors and the dinosaur shaped sponge that I got?

My response: This is tempting, especially since I have a fascination with scissors. 

Smile wrote: Did u post an article and then deleted it?

and then

Rorschach wroteI saw a "Test" recently. Stop messing with things!

My response: I can't believe anyone saw that. You both caught me. I was testing out posting via my iPhone. I didn't like it. 

Man, legos are fucking great. I hope you're rewarded for your efforts in making them all face the same way. My friend wanted to borrow some of my legos for his girlfriend's little brother. Thankfully I didn't give any to that unappreciative little prick.

My response: I'd like to think my efforts were noticed by the OCD gods and I'll somehow be rewarded for them. The unappreciative little prick comment made my girlfriend laugh. I hope that doesn't mean anything.

Randy Weezner wrote:  you ever look at pictures you take, and then see them having flashbacks through first person?

My response: Yes?

Rorschach wrote

Bad Gs drive Infinities.

I run an emergency mobile stomach pump operation if you need it. Let me know, we can be there in 14 hours.

My response: Consider yourself on speed dial. 

I'm usually on the other end of this picture. My shiba is famous for her drive-by-barking.

I hope you feel better. And don't call me Shirley.

My response: If I had some point system I'd give you 100 for being the first Shirley commenter. Also, telling me you have any type of pet makes me jealous. So, -100 for you. 

The Cockshiner wrote

I wish I was that fast to take out my camera whenever I saw a good opportunity for a photo.

My response: I got real lucky with this. The red light helped. I usually miss a lot of good opportunities because all I have readily available is my phone. And since I have a security lock on it I have to type in the code then wait for the camera app to load. 

Horuss wrote:

thanks for this blog

My response: Thank you for having the guts to say what everyone else is thinking.

Rorschach wrote

In scenarios like that, I always hope that the driver will turn around and go, "HOLY SHIT, HOW DID THIS DOG GET IN HERE?!?" and then go driving all crazy in to a wall.
I get bored when I drive.

For the record, I never wished you well at all. :D

My response: I get bored when I drive too, so I'm always thinking up similar things. When I make a movie, that will be a scene. And I won't give you credit for it. And I know you wanting my Legos to be destroyed is really your way of saying "feel better."

You sure he didn't just slip that in there?

My response: Rorschach is notorious for slipping things into places they don't belong.....

Because Alec Baldwin's smooth, sultry voice could lull any child into a peaceful slumber.

My response: Good point. Maybe there's some money to be earned with that idea...

Because I'm getting tired of copying and pasting stuff I'm just going to say thank you for the kind words. A lot of people referred to my post as a review, which wasn't my intention. 
This post made me think of a new idea for a series of posts other than my Random Photos and Animals, so that's something I'm looking forward to. 
I also forgot to add you can get the chocolates at Godiva as single pieces, not just in a box set (if anyone cares).

Did you make it all the way down here? Hopefully you just skimmed for your name then came down to the bottom. I'd hate if I had come here and found this monstrosity of a post. I just feel too guilty about "ignoring" some of you great people. Which is why I won't ever do it again, because there's no way I'm doing something like this again.


  1. hope you're in for a good tee hee

  2. Wow. Well thank you for actually answering the comments! I appreciate it. ^_^

  3. Wow, haha. Reader interaction in this day and age? no way! I appreciate your dedication.

  4. Good post. and lol @ RR , he is too funny. Hope you have a great week.

  5. "Rorschach is notorious for slipping things into places they don't belong..."

  6. its nice to see you connecting with your followers dude, also that pic made me lol a little bit!

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