Friday, January 21, 2011

Random Photo of the Day - 1.21.2011

I have a deep love of desserts. I find them fun, interesting, and tasty. I'm one of those people who looks forward to dessert more than any other part of a meal. I'm always looking for new and inventive treats to try out. My last great find was a vanilla tofu mousse at Nobu.

So when Bravo announced they were adding a new version of Top Chef that features pastry chefs I was excited. What came out of that was Top Chef Just Desserts. Unfortunately watching the show was very painful, I had to tell myself to keep watching to see all the new and inventive desserts that were going to come out of it. I know it's a reality show, but if any of you saw it you'll know what I mean. 

With this season they had a Godiva Quickfire challenge where the chefs had to create four different chocolates that represented different milestones in their life, with the winner having their pieces reproduced and sold by Godiva. In the end it was Morgan Wilson who created the winning set. 

So how does this fit in with the Random Photo of the Day? Well, for Christmas a friend of mine got me a box of them. And I was happy. So I decided to open up the box, take pictures of them, and eat them. Here they are:

Moment of Love

Dark chocolate ganache layered with an açaí, rose and berry ganache, in a dark chocolate shell decorated with a red heart.

This piece pays homage to his former marriage with the bittersweet flavor representing the marriage ending and the açaí representing his ex-wife's Brazilian heritage. 

The first bite of this was an overload of açaí, that's all I tasted. A second bite was the same but with a lingering taste of dark chocolate. 

Moment of Passion

White chocolate and passion fruit ganache in a white chocolate shell. 

This piece represents Morgan's time spent at The California Culinary Academy where he found his passion for pastry. 

This was a good piece of chocolate. The passion fruit blended so well with the white chocolate. Throughout eating it the flavor of passion fruit and white chocolate were taking turns over which one should get more attention.

Moment of Joy

Matcha tea mousse center in a white chocolate shell decorated with green stringing. 

Moment of Joy represents the birth of Morgan's son, whose middle name is Zen. Apparently when he thinks of Zen he thinks green tea. I agree. 

I absolutely love anything with matcha powder or flavoring. My all time favorite dessert is a green tea ice cream cake, which this kind of reminds me of. The white chocolate is subtle compared to the very strong, but smooth, flavor of the matcha mousse. 

Moment of Accomplishment

Dark chocolate ganache in between two dark chocolate disks, topped with bits of organic dried apricot, tart cherry, and sea salt. 

This piece is a chocolate translation of Morgan's journey on Top Chef and the many flavors he used along the way. 

For anyone who likes dark chocolate this piece is a winner. The only thing making this worthy of being in this box are the two different forms of dark chocolate accompanied by the three different toppings, which go very well with the chocolate - which is everything. 

I'll be out of town for the next few days, so I'll see you all on Monday. Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh stomach is rumbing. I have to say that one of my favorites is dark chocolate truffle that has been layered with chili pepper and a hint of cherry.

  2. life is like a box of chocolates...ya never know what you're gonna get

  3. i don't have a sweet tooth, but that looks pretty appetising.

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  5. Great review. Makes me want to buy a box of Richarts.

  6. This post made me go hunting for a box of chocolate I had hidden in the kitchen!

  7. I don't watch TV, but that stuff looks absolutely delicious.

  8. they all look so good, sure they will look better in my mouth

  9. They look tasty, and now im hungry

    Great find and great review

  10. Monument of love looks damn amazing.

  11. I have to go out for chocolate right now! They look great. Bet they were all yum.

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  13. Really good photos and Yum @ dessert! I had a Star Crunch and Mountain Dew for breakfast but I'd love a box of the 1st ones you posted for Brunch haha.