Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Animal of the Day - 5.3.2011

This is a Plume moth - thanks goes to Lost.in.Idaho for identifying this creature.
I saw this little insect Plume moth on a nearby gate a while back. I've never seen this type of insect a Plume moth before so I decided I should get my camera and take pictures of it. ___ points awarded to anyone who figures out what this is (because I'm hurting too much and too tired to take time to find out myself). 

My Macbook Pro also stopped working recently. Unfortunately I hadn't backed it up in a very, very long time. So a large majority of my pictures, music, documents, etc will be forever gone. Not too happy about that as I'm having to do everything on my crappy PC now. Plus it just sucks that my wonderful little Macbook Pro is dead.

Macbook Pro Update: After trying every solution I could find online (including taking my it apart and cleaning/dusting every moving part and making sure everything was firmly attached) I decided to try the oldest, and usually most successful, fix - hitting it. I gave it a good hard whack on the outside of the case where the hard drive is located, pressed the power button, and voila - it successfully booted up. I'm now in the process of backing everything up (only 15 minutes left). Once the backup is complete I will then taunt it.

Update #2:  No luck :(


  1. I have seen these all over the place but no clue as to name, quite attractive though, sorry about your Macbook.

  2. Plume Moth.


    And sorry about the macbook. Is it completely dead, or fixable?

  3. Thank you for identifying the moth, Lost.in.Idaho. I thought it was fixable by a new hard drive, but apparently all I needed to do was hit it very hard.

  4. Ah! The fonzie approach. 60% of the time, it works all the time.


  5. Plume moth. That sh*t would creep me out, it looks like it wants to crawl into my nose O_o

  6. hitting something is the first step i take in computer repair

    .... it works some times

  7. Sorry about the computer hassles man =/

  8. Ergh. I feel your pain with the loss of images. I hope you can beat it senseless so it operates again. Maybe you can get someone to recover from the book's HD?