Thursday, December 15, 2011

Animal of the Day - 12.15.2011

This is Polly, gently laying claim to her ball.

Polly Fact: She has a vertical jump of over 5 feet.

Bonus Video:

The kick at :27s could take down Anderson Silva.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Neglect, Catching Up, Bugs & Birthdays

Is that video sideways? Is the color off? At the time of uploading I can't tell. If so, that just adds to the "specialness" of it. 

I've neglected this little blog. I haven't completely gone away, I've just been a bit busier (with what, I'm not sure - I have been growing quite a nice beard). I hope all of you are doing well and having a nice day. Have I mentioned I have three more kidney stones inside me? I do! As soon as I pass one I'll post pictures of it/them. Anyway, this will serve as somewhat of a catch-up post. 
(every time I came across an article from USA Today on my Fluent News
app I'd run into these headline/picture combo errors)

No, Applebee's! NOOOOOOOO!

"....and this is the man responsible."

F*ck you, IHOP!
A fly eating the remnants of a sweet potato. His live was forever changed.
That's all for now, as I can't seem to find a batch of my most recent photos. But I can assure you 
 they're either random, contain animals, or both!

I also want to take this space up by wishing a Happy Birthday to my dear childhood friend, Jacob. Childhood friend sounds weird. I've known him since the 6th grade. Our friendship was sparked from the seed of pre-algebra and grew in the lunchroom. That's that. Anything else more personal I can save for an email or late night Ambien-induced text message.

Happy Birthday, Jacob.