Monday, January 23, 2012

Random Photo of the Day - 1.23.2012

Nothing really special here. Just the above straw crying on the carpet. Anyone who gives a good reason as to why this straw is crying gets 100 bonus points. 

I've been having to go through Picnik and re-size all the photos I've used on this blog since I'm running out of space. Unfortunately I just found out that Picnik will be closing in April, but honestly it's a pain to edit pictures through that thing (especially the amount I'm in need of re-sizing), so I don't care either way. The reason I'm mentioning this is because it's reminding me I need to sort through more photos so I can have stuff readily available to post. 

I hope you all have a good week. 

What big pies you have!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Random Photo of the Day - 1.18.2012


Those are some little rambutans I bought the other day. I've never had one before but recently read about them in this article from Men's Health. Being a fan of any weird (or weird looking) food I knew I had to try some. Luckily a local grocery store carried them, so I bought them, and they died for me. 

Here's what they look like cut in half, half peeled, and fully peeled. 

That reminds me, have any of you heard of Neuticles? Hmmm....

Anyway, they tasted very good. The "meat" inside was very juicy and chewy, similar to lychee, and tasted very good. It's something I wish I could get year round (or at least in better condition than these) and it would also be nice to find them at my local bubble tea place. The skin of the seeds tend to get stuck on the meat, which was annoying with the first one I ate (I later became a Jedi of eating rambutans). I almost just ate the seed because I enjoy eating seeds of any kind. I think the idea of a plant growing inside a vegetarian is somewhat poetic. Luckily I didn't because I later found out they are mildly poisonous. 

I also ate my first (Fuyu) persimmon. It's now my favorite fruit in the world. This crappy picture doesn't do it justice. 

And here's a video that made me laugh:

Friday, January 13, 2012

Random Photo of the Day / Happy Friday the 13th - 1.13.2012

Happy Friday the 13th. 

I hope you all have a good Friday today. One thing I always enjoyed about Friday the 13th were the Friday the 13th movie marathons that would play on tv. It's one of the few times I wouldn't mind having commercials interrupt and having "bad words" dubbed over with words that would never fit the in the original sentence. It just added to the cheesiness of it all.

Since I don't feel like that one little picture and paragraph are enough I'll share two cupcakes I recently had from Sprinkles. The first was The King cupcake, to commemorate the birthday of Elvis. It's a banana cupcake with creamy peanut butter frosting.

The King cupcake was okay, nothing special. If I want any type of banana cupcake from Sprinkles I'd get the banana dark chocolate, or if I wanted peanut butter I'd get the peanut butter chocolate.

The next is a S'more cupcake. This was a collaboration with Blake Lively (I don't know who that is....) and Sprinkles to raise money for Oxfam International Somalia.

This is now one of my favorite cupcakes from Sprinkles. It's a dark chocolate cake with graham cracker at the bottom, chocolate ganache in the center (which was awesome) and a marshmallow frosting. I was worried  that I wouldn't be able to try this because of the marshmallow frosting, but luckily it doesn't contain gelatin. Yet those stupid dots on top of their cupcakes (which nobody eats) do contain gelatin. Why bother?

Here's a nice section view of the cupcake:

So, have a good Friday the 13th. Go treat yourself to some cupcakes, especially if there is a Sprinkles nearby (please note that The King and S'more cupcake are no longer available - so don't get mad at me). Or better yet, make some yourself! (Like I did with the green tea cupcakes or the Nutella cupcakes!) And since we're on the topic of cupcakes/baking/food/fun/stuff, I suggest you head over to The Happy Whisk if you've never been. It's quite enjoyable, and you'll also find pictures of animals there, too. Which I really like.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Animal of the Day - 1.10.2012

It's been a while since I had an "Animal of the Day" post. So here is Winston, a rescued Basset Hound.

I also spent more time with Lola (who was featured as an Animal of the Day here, and also had her own special Focus On post), an incredibly loving (and uber strong) pit bull over the holidays but unfortunately only have this one new picture of her. Lola is one of the coolest dogs I know. 

And for anyone still reading, I'd also like to apologize to anybody who has commented on any of my posts and then not have them show up. Apparently Blogger has a spam filter I had no idea was there and was marking a lot of comments as spam.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First Post of 2012

I hope you all had a great Christmas and have had a nice start to the New Year (four days is a lot of time to get things done). I had a very good Christmas/New Years, probably one of the best in quite a while (no offense to past Christmases or New Years). Maybe it's because I'm getting older (28 is old, right?) and I know I can't expect the magical element to it I had as a kid. But spending time with my girlfriend and my family was a lot of fun. 

So, as always, here are a few pictures I took over the past couple of weeks of - you guessed it - random things. 

A glove I found in the hallway last night. 

A Mocha Almond Parfait from Godiva. 
A section view of the parfait (not nearly as cool looking as it could be).
There is a layer of light coffee ganache, with almond praline and chocolate glaze.
It was good.

And last are some pictures of my newest Lego Architecture set - the Farnsworth House. It ended up looking very nice, the little pieces of furniture are a nice little touch. I need to go back and fix some of the pieces that aren't completely straight, as that drives me nuts. And like last time I made sure all the pieces were facing the same direction (based on the imprinted Lego name on each piece) just to please my faint, but still-lingering, OCD demons and to make the fun of putting it together last a bit longer.

Also like last time I've included a few objects to help show the scale of this little house. 

Shy Guy returns to help out.... did Wanderlei Silva (with a new umbrella)...
....and then a helicopter landed.