Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

I hope you all are having and will continue to have a Happy Halloween. Here are some nice pictures for you including a black cat (above), spiders, and dead things. I suggest clicking on the images to get the detail of all the neatness. But not the cat, because it's just a cat. 

Leucauge venusta - Orchard orbweaver 1

Leucauge venusta - Orchard orbweaver 2

Wolf Spider
Dead Wolf spider 1

Dead Wolf spider 2

Dead Wolf spider 3

Dead Gecko

Note that I did not kill the spider or gecko, I found them dead (obviously long after they died). To counteract the sadness of these dead creatures I did save a baby gecko from drowning today (along with a few bees). 

Here is the gecko that I saved:

Happy Halloween everyone.